Many dental hygienists dread performing periodontal exams. Why? You can conduct a periodontal exam fairly quickly, but recording the results is often time-consuming and repetitive. Finding a buddy to help record the results for you can take as long as the exam itself. And when you do eventually find someone, you’re pulling that second person away from other important duties.

SmartChart™ is like a virtual charting assistant. It uses voice recognition technology to chart probing measurements quickly and accurately—no need for a second operator. SmartChart™ makes periodontal charting more efficient, leading to additional revenue and better health outcomes for patients.


SmartChart’s™ state-of-the-art voice recognition software records your periodontal measurements quickly and accurately. The digital periodontal chart is clear and easy to read. And the 3D odontogram helps your patients to understand how a procedure will help them, making them more likely to proceed.