Can SmartChart™ learn the voice of individual users?

Yes. Besides incorporating a leading voice engine with a very high rate of recognition for the general population, SmartChart™ learns to understand the unique voices of actual users. It will only take you about seven to 10 minutes to customize SmartChart™ for your voice.

How much training do I need?

SmartChart™ is intuitive with commands that are very easy to learn. That’s because we designed it to work the way you work. You will be comfortable using SmartChart™ after watching about 20 minutes of training webinars and a little practice. You will also receive a quick start guide, user manual and wall chart to put up in your operatories so you can see the full list of commands at a glance.

How long does it take to perform a full perio exam using SmartChart™?

While it depends on the user, it normally takes less than 10 minutes to perform and chart a full perio exam of all tooth pockets and conditions including furcation, recession, abrasion, swelling, bleeding, suppuration and mobility.

Will SmartChart™ work in a noisy clinic?

Yes. SmartChart’s™ voice engine works extremely well in noise. Research shows that the average level of background noise in a dental operatory is about 68 decibels. We tested SmartChart™ in 80 decibels and higher, and it performed at a very high rate (over 99%) of accuracy.

Will I need an assistant?

No. The beauty of SmartChart™ is that it takes only one person to perform and chart exams—quickly and accurately. This applies to both dental and perio exams.

Will I need to buy my own headset?

We will provide you with a headset for each of the operatories covered under your subscription. This is included in the price of SmartChart™.

How do I view my existing charts?

You can simply scan your existing documents and import them into SmartChart™ for easy access.

How will I get support and service?

We have several ways to can get the support you need:

  • You can go to our contact page to get timely support

  • You can call our team at +866 868 4966

  • You can access our customer portal from SmartChart’s™ dashboard