Getting More Patients to Agree to Recommended Treatment: It’s a Show and Tell World

There are many reasons some patients do not agree to proceed with treatments recommended by dentists.

It could be financial. Maybe they’re not insured for some or all of the procedures.

It could be perception. Maybe preventive and therapeutic measures don’t seem as important for their oral health as they are for their physical health. It’s likely many also do not appreciate the connection between oral and chronic systemic-health issues.

Or maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe as hard as dentists and hygienists try, there’s a lot of information and patients find it difficult to understand – especially when explained verbally.

People are visuals learners. There’s a wealth of research that indicates people grasp and remember information far more effectively when presented visually. That’s because the human brain is predominantly an image processor and not a word processor. In fact, much of our sensory cortex is dedicated to vision.

Our three-dimensional chart helps to walk patients through treatment plans.

Our three-dimensional chart helps to walk patients through treatment plans.

This is where our new charting system, SmartChart™, can really help dental clinicians with their case presentations. SmartChart™ is the first voice-activated system to have a three-dimensional odontogram that’s easy to understand. Clinicians can use SmartChart™ to walk patients through their specific conditions and explain the treatment plan visually. They can also demonstrate visually some consequences of untreated conditions. There’s nothing like showing patients how teeth can tip into an empty spot for them to immediately recognize the consequences. Having more patients comply with recommendations for additional treatment will, of course, lead to increased revenues for clinics and better health outcomes for patients. Further, using SmartChart™ to engage patients in their treatment demonstrates the clinicians’ high standard of care, strengthening patient loyalty in the process.